Fighters Clock

Fighters Clock

Fighters Clock analog clock with eight fighter skins, which...

Fighters Clock analog clock with eight fighter skins, which includes reminder and time synchronization. What our clock can do for youTime synchronization allows you to b accurate all the time Clocks brighten up your desktop and your work It is easy to run screen saver from clock when you are leaving your workplace for a lunch.

Using our clock you make an own style for your work place or home PC You will not tired of clock because of it has several skins. And clock can change skin automatically every minute, hour, day or week.

Our clock attracts attention of people who is not familiar with computers. You can use clock as a hiding-place. Put clock over short cuts to your favorite games (or other programs).

By using our clock you tell everybody that it is not just a boring PC but it is YOUR PC, which you make looks in a way you like. You combine nice-looking and functionality.

StartingFighters Clock runs every time you start your PC so you will not complicate your work thinking, where are my favorite clock. But at the same time you can hide clock when you are working hard.

Right-click and select HIDE or click Esc key on your keyboard. ReminderYou have got a reminder, which beeps with build in speaker so you can use our clock for planning and reminding evens on PC without sound card.

It is useful if your office computer was not configured with multimedia options. Reminder has time-buttons with most typical time intervals, for example 30 minutes or tomorrow.